8 ways we reduce your concerns

about physical therapy

Over the years people have- often reluctantly- shared MANY concerns and fears they have about choosing physical therapy as their treatment of choice. And we admit, they are legitimate concerns. So lets talk about the herd of elephants in the room!



It’s Expensive!

We get it. Insurance deductibles and co-pays add up; and paying out of pocket is something not to be taken lightly. However, the costs of physician visits, medications, tests, and surgeries also add up over time. Quality physical therapy is an investment in your health and can help you get back to the things that are important to you.

While paying out of pocket may initially seem to be more expensive than using insurance to pay for your therapy, this is not always the case. Insurance often dictates the type of care that the therapist can deliver, which directly impacts your outcomes. Without the restrictions of health insurance companies, your therapist is able to use all treatments options, helping you to recover more quickly and in less visits. We also focus on empowering our clients to manage their condition and self-progress between sessions so that less frequent visits are needed. This provides you with great value and helps to keep costs manageable.


It didn’t work in the past

Been there, done that, and sick of the same old treatment plans? Feel like you have tried everything only to get minimal- if any- results? Many of our clients have come to us with similar experiences, and we do NOT want to repeat techniques and exercises that have not worked  for you in the past!  Our one-on-one sessions allow us plenty of time to provide holistic treatments that are typically unavailable in most clinics. Many clients tell us that our therapy is very different than what they had experienced in the past.


It is Too time consuming

PT sessions have gotten a bad reputation for taking up WAY too much time. No one afford to give up 60-90 minutes for two or three sessions per week just so someone can watch them repeating the same exercises they can do at home. We will NEVER waste your time having you perform an exercise routine you are already doing competently at home. There are much more valuable ways for us to use our time together, and we plan to make the most of it. Because of this, we typically schedule clients no more than one time per week.


The treatments are really Generic

Many clients have reported that in their past physical therapy experiences, “everyone was doing the same thing (exercises.)” This can occur in busy clinics when one therapist is managing multiple people at the same time. Other clients describe exercise routines that very general and do not seem to address any specific diagnosis. We know that there are many variables to each situation and that each body’s movement patterns are unique; so we will never use blanket protocols. We use an individualized, holistic and eclectic approach that ensures that your specific problem is addressed and corrected.



Last time, I hardly saw the therapist

Because healthcare has tends to be driven by insurance companies, some clinics schedule three to four clients per hour in order to make ends meet. The client may see the PT for only 5-10 minutes before they are left to exercise on their own, or under the “supervision” of a therapy aid, but without the benefit, guidance, and insight of the licensed physical therapist. Our unique business model allows us to schedule only one client per hour. We do not use assistants or aids to provide any portion of our treatments, meaning that your entire treatment is spent one-on-one with your physical therapist.


I’ll end up with Too many exercises

Therapists have a habit of giving out too many exercises, hoping some may help. We understand that you do not have the time to perform an exercise regimen for 30 minutes 2-3 times per day and we don’t blame you. Our goal is to determine to what your body specifically needs and issue only the exercises that really matter.Your treatment plan is targeted- there is no need to do 25 different exercises. That being said, exercises can be an important part of your recovery, and doing the correct ones can help you improve a great deal.


It will Hurt!

You have probably heard the phrases, “Physical Terrorist,” “PT stands for Pain and Torture,” and “no pain, no gain.” However, pain is a sign that something is not quite right and our goal is to decrease your pain, not cause more. Most of our techniques are very gentle and do not hurt. Manual techniques that do cause discomfort can usually be modified and you are encouraged to give feedback and ask questions throughout your entire session so that you are as comfortable as possible.

When a client experiences pain with a movement or exercise, the therapist’s advise should be to either modify that activity or stop it all together. This may look like using less weight for an exercise, not squatting down as far, or stopping an arm raise before you get to the point of pain. That being said, there are a few exceptions to this rule; such as a total knee replacement, in which you do need to “work through it” to some degree. However, these are the exception rather than the rule.

There are times when even the most gentle techniques can cause some pain and discomfort following a treatment session. This can be a normal and appropriate part of the healing process and the pain typically goes away within a few days. It is recommended that you stay well hydrated as your body works to heal itself during this time.


My Doctor didn’t order it

Arizona is a direct access state, meaning you do NOT need a physician’s order to access physical therapy. However, some insurances do require one before they will cover the cost of your treatment. If you are not using insurance to pay for your therapy, a physician order is not needed.

We hope this has helped to ease some of your concerns, and that when you finally start your therapy, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Good luck with your recovery!

McKinney Physical Therapy  Prescott, AZ