About McKinney Physical therapy

Are you looking for an exceptional healthcare provider who can:

  • Look at your body as a whole to find the root of the problem so you can finally get relief?

  • Educate you to what is happening in your body so that you can take control of your progress.

  • Who genuinely cares about your recovery and will encourage you towards your goals?

  • Provide holistic treatments using advanced skills and techniques to help you feel and move better?

  • Help you get back to your active lifestyle?


Get to Know Justin

Justin delivers skill and compassion to his patients every day.  He loves helping motivated clients  heal, learn about their bodies, and progress towards lasting change.  His goal is that his clients go on to live the most healthy life possible.  Justin strives to become the very best physical therapist he can be.  He is continuously expanding his clinical knowledge and skills in order to provide his clients with the very best outcomes.


Justin typically uses the following overall strategy:

1. Providing a detailed holistic evaluation to determine the root cause of your body’s pain and mobility issues.

2. Removing the barriers to your body’s healing process by using functional movement strategies, highly skilled manual therapy techniques, and his extensive knowledge of the human body. This frees your body from the “stuck” patterns that were causing pain and restriction; and allows for healing and normal movement.

3. Setting you up for future success- one that includes activities you love- by educating you to understand and self-manage your body.



Justin LOVES mountain biking!  Outside of work Justin can usually be found mountain biking with his beautiful wife and friends, exploring the outdoors, camping, traveling, hiking, or doing something else adventurous! One of his favorite things about living in Prescott is the amazing abundance of outdoor activities and access. He also loves Prescott for its community feel and the kindness of its people.




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Justin and his wife, Lisa, enjoying Moab.

My early career was marked with frustration as clients did not get the success I had hoped for using traditional PT techniques and protocols. When I finally received highly skilled, osteopathic manual therapy to address my own pain, I was amazed at how effective they were.  It became my mission to bring this success to my patients. I have spent the last 20+ years studying orthopedic and osteopathic manual therapy techniques in order to be able to treat the obscure root causes of people’s movement dysfunction and pain.”

Justin McKinney, PT

Justin’s Specialties

  • Obscure pain symptoms that traditional treatments have not helped
  • Orthopedic Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention (ie: muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments) and Pre/Post surgical Care
  • Movement systems analysis
  • Dry Needling
  • Osteopathic techniques for the visceral (organs), vascular (blood vessels), and neural (nerves) mobilization
  • Mountain bike fitting
  • Mountain bike injury rehab and prevention
  • Running injury rehab and prevention
  • Vagus nerve decompression treatment


Justin’s Education

  • B.S. Physical Therapy, Daemen College, Amherst, NY 1998

  • Certified Integrative Manual Therapist, 2013

  • Certified Integrative Dry Needling practitioner, 2018

  • Certified Mountain Bike Instructor (BICP)

  • Over 1000 hours of continuing education

Client Testimonials

“I went to Justin by referral from my general physician. I was impressed with Justin’s knowledge of the human body and how different parts and systems work together. He always explained what he was doing. The results were excellent. Gradually my lower back pain eased. Later, when I was involved in an automobile accident, he used the same approach and helped me considerably. I would highly recommend Justin — especially to those who had a preconceived notion of what physical therapy is. You will be pleasantly surprised.”

I have been treated by physical therapists for over 35 years. I have experienced two firsts with Justin. 1. He is the only person who treats me for my entire appointment. No young minimum wage employees hooking up heating pads or watching my perform exercises then a 20 minute max time with the PT. 2. Justin has treated my nerves. I don’t know how to explain the difference in my treatment, but it is wonderful. I can self treat with flossing. I know it sounds weird but it works. My quality of life is greatly improved.I highly recommend Justin McKinney for physical therapy

“Justin initially helped a persistent knee issue – that led to helping to correct and diagnose other issues that were related. I was told I needed surgery for bone on bone with my knee, but after seeing Justin that is on the backburner. He has helped align not only my knee (although I have to do the work), but other sciatic and nervous symptom concerns. He’s been a real gem to this community!”

I sought Justin out to help rehab my knee after an ACL surgery.  I live an active lifestyle including outdoor activities and regular CrossFit gym attendance.

After each appointment, I felt improved confidence about my knees recovery, and informed about how continue healing with reduced pain. About 2 years after surgery, following Justin’s rehabilitation program and direction, I had surpassed my previous lifting records. My form was improved, my pain alleviated and my approach to training much better.

Justin’s whole body approach to physical therapy has helped with more than just knee rehabilitation. I have struggled with the auto immune condition Systemic Lupus. Justin’s treatment approach has also helped restore my body from inflammation to balance.

I continue work with Justin, due to his knowledgeable approach of healing through multiple modalities (vascular, muscular, visceral etc.). His consistency and dedication to his craft continues to allow me to live an active life of adventure that is strong and pain free.

“Due to an injury to my right shoulder, I was in severe pain prior to visiting McKinney Physical Therapy. Medical providers with whom I had consulted, including an orthopedist and a pain management specialist, were uncertain about the etiology…I was extremely frustrated…I was hopeful that someone with a total body approach to PT would help solve my difficulty; Justin McKinney was that person…Previously, I had taken advantage of PT in other settings and found other practitioners to be unwilling to look at me in a holistic way… Justin’s skills in every bodily system – and patience in teaching me how to maintain my home program – have been a revelation to me…As a result, the quality of my life has been enhanced greatly under the care and tutelage of Justin McKinney; he truly is a remarkable practitioner of the art and science of physical therapy.”

“I initially had a knee injury associated with running. The pain of being being less active was physically and mentally frustrating. … The approach wasn’t simply “do these exercises and see you at the next visit” (like some PT’s say), it was a complete body overview, which essentially revealed my underline hip and posture issue. I liked that Justin’s goal was to not only heal my knee, but..also educate me on how to take the best care of my body from a posture perspective. I am forever grateful and to this day amazed at the knowledge Justin has to heal. The self-pay was no issue for me either as the way I see it, you either pay a little now or A LOT later in life. Thanks, Justin!”


At 69 yrs old, I had a right-hip replacement which created extreme pain afterwards in my hip, it affected my lower back scoliosis with lower back nerve pain running into my sciatic and right hip. I could not walk more that ½ mile without having to sit down from pain in my hip and back. I thought my life was going to be limited from then on. I tried other Physical Therapies and did exercises for 10 months, but NOTHING worked. The pain was severe and hard to manage and I was physically and mentally depressed from dealing with the pain. Medications do not work for me.

Justin is highly trained in understanding the human body and his techniques are unique. He was able to figure out where the problems were in my body. His treatments (over time), have improved my condition tremendously; my energy is back and now I can walk 3 to 4 miles and move more freely with much less pain. I noticed after 2 months of physical therapy with Justin that my body was getting better, it’s been 4 months now since I started seeing Justin and after each session I see more improvements in my healing. Life is looking much better now, I have a lot more physical and mental balance, more energy, able to exercise again and I’m enjoying life again…. Thank You Justin!



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