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       Skill Progression

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It is no secret that the Prescott area is prime for year round mountain biking. McKinney PT offers bike optimization services that help you ride your best while staying out of urgent care. Mountain bikers looking to have fun and hone their skills–without being held back by pain and injury– should focus on these three key elements:

          1. A body that can endure the sport’s movements and positions

          2. A bike that fits your specific body for improved comfort and pain prevention

          3. Handling skills to avoid trauma and deliver more fun

MTB Body Assessment

60 Minute Session         


Reduce the risks posed by past injuries and physical limitations. 

An in-depth look at strength, flexibility, and motion provides an understanding of how your body functions on the bike. 

Designed to identify areas of potential concern related to mountain biking. The goal is to minimize current problems and reduce risk of future injury and pain.  Great for those with  minimal to moderate pain related to mountain biking.

It looks at:

    • Risk posed by past injuries and conditions
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Joint motion
    • Alignment of lower extremity joints
    • Posture

You will gain:

    • A new understanding of how your body is functioning in relation to biking and your next steps needed to optimize it for meeting your goals.
    • Recommendations for preventing pain and problems related to MTB


Mountain Bike Fitting

75-90 Minutes     


A well fit bike is comfortable, safe, efficient, and fun.

A few precise adjustments may be the missing piece that has been keeping you from the next level of riding.  Making small adjustments to get the best fit can go a long way in making your ride safer and more fun.


You will learn the optimal:

    • Saddle height and position to prevent knee, hip and back pain
    • Seat width to improve overall comfort
    • Handlebar width and placement to reduce neck and shoulder strain
    • Placement of cockpit controls to minimize wrist pain and hand numbness

* Session does not include evaluation and set-up cleats. If this is your situation, please call us for more information.

This is not your average bike shop fitting!


Mountain Bike Pre-Purchase Fitting

30 minute session    

Confidently purchase the best size bike for your body


A new MTB is a huge investment. Choosing the best bike size isn’t straight forward and making the wrong choice can cost you in pain and performance. 


There is nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on a new bike only to end up with the wrong sized frame for your body.  Choosing the frame size of your new bike is about more than your height. The proportions of your arm, leg, and trunk ratios must be considered.  Trends in bike geometry are ever-changing and relying on the size of a previous bike frame may not be an accurate choice.  Some brands and models- because of their specific dimensions- won’t work optimally for you not matter how many after-purchase adjustments you make.   If you are in between frame sizes, this  will provide you with information to make a more accurate decision in your new bike purchase.


What can I expect during my session?

  • I will ask you about your overall goal for the session, riding style and level, trail preferences, pain problems, and specific bike concerns.
  • Your bike will be set up on a trainer to allow you to pedal in place.
  • Various measurements, such as inseam, height and handlebar width will be taken. You may be asked to squat, lie on your stomach, or assume a push-up position in order to obtain certain measurements.
  • You will be getting on/off your bike multiple times.
  • Following the session I recommend an adjustment period of one to three rides on familiar trails as your body adjusts to the changes on your bike set up.


Should I bring anything to my bike fit session?

Please arrive to your appointment with your:

  • COMPLETED bike fit paperwork
  • Your bike
  • Riding shoes
  • Athletic shorts
  • Be prepared to learn and have fun!

“I have a great passion for mountain biking- one my wife would call an obsession.  In 2017, after many years of prodding encouragement, my wife agreed to try mountain biking.  However, because of some chronic pain issues, and, um, lack of natural inclination; she had a very difficult time progressing and was not having much fun.  Like many guys, I desperately wanted her to continue biking.   As part of this effort, I did a tremendous amount of research, became a certified MTB instructor, and survived a lot of trial-and-error to help resolve these issues.  I now have a great deal to share and specialize in mountain bike related issues- making this the best job ever!”

Justin McKinney, PT

Client Testimonials

“I’ve been an avid bike rider for a very long time. But every time would ride my expensive new bike, I struggled with the feeling of leaning too far over the handlebars, my hands would go numb and my wrists would hurt. It wasn’t an enjoyable ride, to say the least.

I’m not a young rider and it left me feeling a bit insecure with the feeling of potentially losing control of the bike. I told Justin my problem I was having with my new bike. He spent a good amount of time measuring me, measuring the bike and me with the bike to make sure it was a good fit. He also created a formulated spreadsheet individualized just for me. He then took the time to show me the calculations and what changes were and were not needed.

He recommended a back-sweep, and I took his advice and purchased it. It’s now a perfect ride. No more discomfort or feeling like I’m leaning too far over the top of my bike, which gives me more confidence on the trail.  If you want to talk to someone who completely knows bikes inside and out, talk to Justin. He speaks “Bike” like nobody else I know.

“As an avid outdoor and mountain bike enthusiast, I have put my body through some obstacles. In result, I was seeing a chiropractor for 5 years to deal with my chronic hip pain, however, not feeling any relief or change from the visits…Justin quickly diagnosed my hip issue and gave me an answer…he taught me exercises that will heal the issue…In result, I became a stronger mountain bike rider, could train harder and longer on the bike, pain free!

I am so grateful for Justin’s PT services; he is attentive, courteous, professional, and extremely knowledgeable on the body’s kinesthetic ways. I would refer any athlete to see Dr. McKinney, who is truly dedicated to helping people fix their bodies.”

After Mountain Biking for about a year, I felt that I was really getting comfortable with my bike and the skills needed to ride the Prescott trails. However, after being given a bike fitting by Justin, after just a few minor adjustments, the difference in bike “feel” is like night and day. I truly feel much more connected to my bike and have much better control in turns, and improved my skills in more technical sections. This has translated to being able to carry more speed on the trails, and increased my confidence tremendously.

I would highly recommend a bike fitting from Justin to anyone who wants to take their Mountain Biking to the next level!”

“I am NOT a natural mountain biker.  I started riding a couple of years ago – after about 30 years off bikes- and found the Peavine to be scary!  Justin was so patient and kind in his coaching and instruction.  He never gave up on me- even when I was ready to quit altogether.  I am proud to say that I am now able to ride blue and black-ish trails!  Thank You, Justin!



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Mountain Bike Fitting Prescott


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Mountain Bike Fitting Prescott

Mountain Bike Fitting Prescott