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Change the way you experience physical therapy

Our comprehensive and holistic physical therapy services are tailored to your unique body and lifestyle. One-on-one sessions will change the way you experience physical therapy! Your physical therapist will perform an initial examination and develop a plan of care using a variety of treatment techniques to assist in normalization of movement, pain reduction, functional restoration and disability prevention.



Manual therapy


Manual therapy is a general term used to describe a wide variety of treatment techniques in which the therapist is using hands-on procedures to address problematic conditions in the soft tissue or joints; in order to decrease pain and improve motion. This may include massage, myofascial release, muscle-energy techniques, orthopedic mobilizations, manipulations, cupping, soft tissue releases, etc. We use a variety of techniques to get you the best results.

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visceral manipulation


A very gentle method used to reduce pain and normalize restricted movement patterns caused by organ, nerve, or blood vessel immobility. This may be caused by tensions or adhesions  between connective tissues, attachments and membrane layers over individual organs. It aims to restore normal movement to the organ/tissue in relation to the musculoskeletal system and surrounding organs/tissues.







dry needling


Dry needling is an invasive treatment in which a tiny, solid monofilament needle are inserted through the skin and into the deeper soft tissues below. This helps to break muscle spasms, decreases nerve sensitivity, improve joint mechanics, initiate healthy inflammatory response. It allows for decreased muscle and nerve pain, decreased nerve sensitivity, improved motion, and improved tolerance to other therapy interventions. It is a great way to jump-start your body’s healing process. Nearly all musculoskeletal issues can benefit from dry needling.

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Vagus Nerve Treatment

A dysfunctional vagus nerve can create an enormous amount of mental and physical malfunction. Manual techniques can be use to relieve stress along the path of this nerve between the brain and your organs.

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Functional Performance assessments

Staying mobile and physically active plays a significant role in maintaining our independence and quality of life as we age.

This 90 – 120  minute assessment helps pinpoint areas of mobility concern to prevent functional decline and loss of independence.


Wheel Chair Fittings

Physical Therapy Evaluation  for those purchasing customized wheel chairs.



In-Home Hospice physical therapy



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Mountain Bike Optimization services


Have your body assessed for any problem areas and/or have your bike custom fit.




Progress for the Long Haul

“Using orthopedic and osteopathic manual techniques, in combination with strategic exercises and postural correction methods, allows clients to improve their mobility, resolve pain, and have a better quality of life.  The holistic approach allows the body to support these changes for the long term.”    – Justin McKinney, PT


Client Testimonials 

“I suffered a crush injury from a horse that left me with 7 broken bones in my back and 2 broken ribs. When I was finally able to leave my house, I started to see Justin based on a recommendation. Justin’s methods, knowledge and expertise are incredible. I was getting results from the first day. He worked on correcting my back pain and teaching me to walk normally again and the results have been outstanding. Now, life is great! I can do almost anything that I want to do or anything that I need to do. Without Justin’s talent, expertise, knowledge and abilities I wouldn’t know where I would be.”

“I feel so grateful and appreciative for being with Justin after hip replacement. As someone who wants to know the ways and hows, he was a wonderful fit- always showing & explaining his research and how he was working with my “individual” needs. That was the best.

“I had been a faithful Chiropractic patient for years. After my first visit with Justin, my headaches, back and rib problems were no longer a problem. I needed to see Justin for approximately 4 visits and this change became permanent. Justin helped my body to fix itself and he taught me how to facilitate my body to fix itself. I no longer have to visit Justin or a chiropractor.

 “I have never had a physical therapist even come close to Justin McKinney. He has done so much for me. He continues his learning and knows more about the human body than most physicians. He gives of his time, knowledge, experience, and heart like few medical providers do. I have never left his office without feeling better physically and mentally. Justin exemplifies what a caregiver can and should do for patients- the world needs more Justin McKinneys.”


“Before finding Justin, I’d been to the chiropractor and two orthopedic surgeons (one wanted to operate on my knee right away and the other suggested living with the pain as long as I could to put off inevitable repeat surgeries that would be required)… I went from two years of daily pain, to taking up running and completing a half marathon for my 50th birthday, I’m one happy camper! While self pay treatment is not inexpensive, it is more than worth it for me and cheaper in the long run… I cannot recommend Justin enough, he’s changed the way I live my life!”

As we go through a treatment, Justin describes the mechanics and anatomy of the region…He is an excellent teacher with extensive experience with all organ systems and their integration. His knowledge goes far beyond what one would normally expect as he listens to the body and works to nudge it toward release and balance. He is always gentle…He is serious about finding the root of an issue, …he often using cutting edge techniques from current literature or recent trainings.

Finding Justin for broken hip therapy changed my relationship with my physical health, and I feel lucky, as my overall abilities and mindfulness has improved so much with Justin’s expert, caring assistance.

“I am a 72 year old woman, and a goal of mine for many years has been to summit Mount Humphreys the tallest peak in AZ. I had given up that plan some time ago as my back pain and limited mobility advanced. Then I began physical therapy with Justin, and have followed the treatment plan. In September my daughter and I began that hike up beautiful Mount Humphreys in the dawn of a perfect morning, and when I took the final steps onto the summit of the mountain with my daughter I was tearful with the awe and beauty of the 12,633 foot view of the landscape below. My daughter hugged me celebrating the accomplishment with me, and we marveled that a year ago we did not think a hike like this was in my future. Now I love seeking the next trail, and going on the next hike. It is with a grateful heart that I offer this testimony to the expertise and professional care of Justin McKinney, PT.”


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