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Has injury, pain or Declining mobility left you:

  • Accepting that being active means you need to put up with pain forever?
  • Believing that aches and pains are a normal part of growing older and there is nothing that can be done?
  • Sick of wasting money on tests and appointments, only to have no answers?
  • Worried that you’ve tried everything and the next steps is surgery and more medication?
  • Accepting that decreasing balance, flexibility, and mobility are an inevitable part of aging?


To get back to the life you want, you need relief from your pain and mobility issues

But it Hasn’t Been That Simple…

  • You’ve waited for it to go away and it’s gotten worse 
  • Your insurance has dictated where you can get help
  • Your insurance doesn’t allow certain treatments- even if you are paying cash
  • Past treatments didn’t work
  • Nobody you trust has given you clear a plan
  • Past P.T. has been generic, boring or expensive
  • Medications and surgery are the next options
  • Everyone is getting on with life without you

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You are not alone, McKinney Physical Therapy is here to help.



Services offered



  • Brain Integration


We empower bodies to live empowered lives  by offering the very best one-on-one session to remove the barriers that prevent fluid, pain-free movement;  because no one should miss out on  life’s  best moments.

Why choose McKinney Physical Therapy?


  • Excellent value for your healthcare dollar
  • Best quality one-on-one sessions that produce results
  • Next level manual therapy
  • Get rid of the pain that other treatments didn’t help
  • Return to your life in less time, with less visits
  • Kindness, compassion, and some laughs along the way

How would it feel to live without pain, stiffness and immobility?

Are you ready to:

Enjoy life unhindered by pain?

Recover from you injury or surgery?

Go biking more with less pain?

Move with more ease and stability?

Feel better faster so that you can return to the activities that you love?


We invite you to try a new physical therapy approach!

McKinney Physical Therapy


Justin McKinney, PT, CIMT

McKinney Physical Therapy

Hi, I’m Justin McKinney.  As a 20+ year veteran of the PT industry, I understand how frustrating it is for people to put time, effort and money into medical tests and treatments that yield minimal results. My experience has taught me that using the highest level skills and empowering people to care for themselves is vital to getting the best results.  My wife, Lisa, and I started McKinney Physical Therapy so that we could offer patients the quality care that is often missing in health care.

Step #1


We will get you on the books and prepare you to get the most out of your evaluation.


Step #2


We will create a customized strategy in order to restore your body’s healthy, pain-free state.

Step #3


Let us guide you through your healing plan so that you can get back to the activities you love without pain.


Client Testimonials 

“Justin has exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only am I free from knee and shoulder pain, I’m hiking and even running! I just started running at age 49 and have competed in four 10K races in the past three months, all possible because of Justin’s work on my body and educating me on how to properly maintain it. In addition, my shoulder pain is gone and I can now sleep through the night pain free.”

” I presented with a number of health issues due to injuries and trauma, some of which date back to many years ago. The result was that I was in constant and significant pain when I began treatment at your facility.

After completing my sessions with Justin McKinney as my therapist, I have many days when I am almost pain free in the areas treated. My own experience, which others probably have experienced too, is that there is a certain point in our lives when medical providers appear to “write us off” as they may feel our age works against us for any kind of meaningful recovery.

This truly was not the case at your facility! I felt I was genuinely treated as an individual; this in turn helped keep me motivated to do my part with keeping appointments and doing all the assigned exercises. I left with a much more positive attitude towards tackling whatever health challenges I may face in the future.”

“Justin is by far the best Physical Therapist I have seen. I have been to many other practitioners in town so I know what I am taking about. He has helped resolve both chronic problems I have had for years, that I thought I would never get over, and newer ones that have come up more recently. Highly recommended!”

“I was referred to Justin, specifically, from a self-described “very picky person” who said that “she had done a lot of research on the Physical Therapists in town.”

I took advantage of her research and recommendation, especially since I was just looking for a referral to a good orthopedic surgeon to clean out the garbage that had built up in my right shoulder. This shoulder had given me pain for most of my adult life, but I was able to break through it somehow and it was pain-free for about 10 years. That was, until about a year ago, when the pain started creeping back in and I couldn’t make it go away.

In my short time working with Justin, the pain in my shoulder has reduced to the point where I hardly think about it. More importantly, I have regained flexibility in my neck and back to levels I cannot ever remember having.  I am excited to be able to add my own recommendation to the one which I received from my friend.

“Justin is the best physical therapist I have had work on me. He is not “one of the best”, he IS the best. After 20 years in the Marine Corps, I have acquired many injuries that have left me in nearly constant pain. Justin has spent the time to track down and correct the underlying issues. Because of his technical knowledge, focused determination, and superb communication skills, I am able to do what I haven’t done for years. Justin is truly a miracle worker.”

“I started seeing Justin McKinney for knee and hip issues. Justin is so conscientious, thorough and knowledgeable! He patiently explains procedures and methods and constantly strove to address my injuries and postural habits. I really appreciate his holistic approach and his attention to every detail. It is so evident how much he loves his work and how hard he works to stay current and informed. Justin’s positive approach and enthusiasm left me leaving each session with a great attitude about myself and my ability to continue to be active. I am 67, but I feel much younger!”

“I am a 53 year old male who enjoys ultrarunning and outdoor activity. I regularly compete in foot races that range from 50K to 100 miles. For several years I had to stop my trail running hobby due to lower back pain which was attributed to degenerative discs…Justin is really an incredibly intuitive physical therapist that has helped me eliminate my back pain and has addressed other physical ailments that I have experienced in association with my trail running.

Through therapy, which included dry needling, Justin helped me overcome my tripping issue and I experienced a personal best time in my race…Justin has excellent patient rapport and I would strongly recommend his service to anyone experiencing pain or seeking regular body maintenance.”

I underwent a spinal fusion nearly a year ago after a few years of discomfort and since that time have made the rounds of physical therapy (practices). None gave me the quality of help and support and most of all, freedom to move about and sit without pain –          to the measure that Justin did.

Justin, my physical therapist, addressed one by one every issue I brought to my appointments. Sometimes between sessions I would forget the exact way to proceed on a particular exercise. Patiently he would explain and demonstrate to the level I needed, until finally we had covered every single problem area. Not only a consummate professional, Justin also offered flexibility, expertise, and an extensive background in anatomy and physiology. I write this note with such gratitude. If ever I need physical therapy in the future, no question as to my choice of where to go.

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