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Backway’s Physical Therapy

McKinney Physical Therapy is an associate of Backway’s Physical Therapy and is located in this clinic. McKinney PT utilizes the front office staff and contact information for it’s administrative purposes, but is a separate and independent business.


Client Testimonials

“I went to Justin for lower back pain and migraines. Justin is able to provide immediate relief while also making suggestions to stay pain-free longer and prevent aggravating issues. It makes my mornings so much better to wake up without lower back pain. I can focus on being with people I care about. I view time with Justin as an investment in my total well being.”

“Justin is by far the best Physical Therapist I have seen. I have been to many other practitioners in town so I know what I am taking about. He has helped resolve both chronic problems I have had for years, that I thought I would never get over, and newer ones that have come up more recently. Highly recommended!”


“Justin changed my life! Although I had healed well after hip surgery after a fall, I was not satisfied with my progress… He showed me the patterns my body had adopted from the fall along with those of old unidentified injuries…I am free and safe to enjoy my favorite exercises and physical activities without restriction, including jogging and hiking without pain. Now I am on a six-month “tune-up” schedule to ensure I don’t revert to any bad habits.”

“I had low back pain and poor posture when I started PT with Justin. Other treatments left me still in pain. Justin taught me how to stretch to relieve my discomfort. I knew I was on the right track when I could go longer between appointments, since I was feeling better. I continue to stretch daily for a better quality of life.”


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