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McKinney Physical Therapy Prescott, AZ  Mountain Bike Fitting

McKinney Physical Therapy Prescott, AZ  Mountain Bike Fitting

Mountain Bike Fitting  Mountain Bike Fitting

Mountain Bike Fitting      Mountain Bike Fitting

Physical Therapy SERVICE Rates

Evaluation Session Rates:             $150 per 60 minute session.

Treatment Session  Rates:           $130 per 50-60 minute session.


Please Review our Cancellation & Scheduling Policies here.


PT Services

Service Rates Serv

ice Rates  Service Rates

In-Home Hospice Physical Therapy RATES

PT Evaluation                    $170     per session in Prescott proper

Treatment Session          $50     per 50-60 minute session in Prescott proper


  • Rates may be negotiated for areas outside of Prescott proper depending on location.  Please call to inquire.
  • The Hospice Benefit does not cover Physical Therapy Services and all services must be provided out of pocket.
  • We accept cash and check payments.  Payments accepted at time of service, we do not invoice this service.




Mountain Bike Fitting:                 $215   per session up to 90 minutes

MTB Pre-Purchase Fitting:          $75     per 30 minute session

MTB Body Assessment:              $150    per 50-60 min session  

Mountain Bike Instruction:        Coming Soon!

Please Review our Cancellation & Scheduling Policies here.


MTB Services



Backway’s Physical Therapy

McKinney Physical Therapy is an associate of Backway’s Physical Therapy and is located in this clinic. McKinney PT utilizes the front office staff and contact information for it’s administrative purposes, but is a separate and independent business.



For those who have insurance for which we are are out-of-network, McKinney Physical Therapy provides services on a “self-pay” basis with payment due on the day of treatment. By removing ourselves from these insurance company networks, we no longer have restrictions that limit the length of, quality of, or types of treatment we provide. In fact, there are several extremely beneficial procedures that insurance companies chose not to cover. Dry needling, visceral manipulation, and vascular manipulation are among them.

We are an out-of-network for BCBS and most other non-Medicare insurances. Please call our office for more information, and contact your insurance company for confirmation


Please NOTE:

  • Billing is completed by Backway’s Physical Therapy and all documents will be reflected as such. 
  • Visceral/Vascular Manipulation and Dry Needling are NOT covered by Medicare or other insurances and are payed “out-of-pocket” on day of service.



  • I have an out-of-network insurance. Will you submit a bill to my insurance company?  No, if you have an out-of-network insurance, Backway’s Physical Therapy will not bill your insurance company on your behalf.


  • Can I still submit a bill to my insurance company?  Yes, Backway’s Physical Therapy will provide you a charge sheet (or “Super Bill”) with all information necessary to submit the charges to your insurance company.


  • Will I be reimbursed by my insurance companyIt is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to find out what your benefits for out-of-network providers. We recommend you do this prior to your first visit.


  • Do I need a prescription from my doctor?  Arizona is a direct access state for physical therapy. You do NOT need a prescription to see a therapist. However, most insurances, including Medicare, require a prescription a physician in order to for the PT services to be covered. If you do not have a prescription, be sure to check with your insurance company prior to first visit. 


Client Testimonials

“About 18 months ago I had a mountain bike fall onto my right hip. I am a physical therapist and thought I could self-manage but my hip pain continued and was keeping me from sleeping and doing the things I enjoy like hiking and mountain biking. Justin was able to treat my hip injury and pain immediately.

I had relief after the first treatment and after 2 months my pain was almost completely gone. I recently started having knee pain and I did not hesitate to reach out to Justin again for treatment. Justin was able to pinpoint the issues causing the pain and provide treatment and a home program that gave me relief and the ability to continue to be active with hiking and biking. Justin is worth every penny of “out-of-pocket” money I spend for his services.

I am grateful that I found Justin and genuinely recommend him for physical therapy.”

“I’ve struggled throughout the years with pelvic misalignment from an old injury that will get aggravated from time to time, causing some serious discomfort and back pain. I’ve tried a lot of different treatments from different practitioners, and Justin is hands-down the best provider that I’ve ever come across…Justin gave me a plan and did some body work to help me get back in alignment, and more importantly, stay aligned.

I’m a veteran who goes through the VA and to be honest, it was well worth the cost to pay out of pocket to get the treatment I needed. Highly recommended to anyone who is active and wants to stay that way!


“I first saw Justin over a year ago with a nagging pain that persisted on most days and would get worse during activities such as mountain biking or working out. Justin was able to identify several issues that were contributing to the problem. He was patient, thoughtful, and thorough in his treatment of my issue, and my neck pain is now non-existent on most days.

I do have flare-ups from time to time, and a visit to Justin takes care of it. I am now able to perform better in all activities and am no longer hampered by neck pain. I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Justin if you are experiencing neck pain, or any other body aches that may have persisted for some time. It is time and money well spent!

“I originally sought him out to help rehab my knee after ACL reconstruction. I live an active lifestyle including outdoor activities and CrossFit gym attendance…following Justin’s rehabilitation program and direction, I had surpassed my previous lifting records. My form was improved, and my pain alleviated…I continue my work with Justin (as a self pay client), due to his knowledgeable approach of healing through multiple modalities (vascular, muscular, visceral, dry needling etc.). Some of these modalities are not covered by insurance but have provided great relief.

I have struggled with the auto immune condition Systemic Lupus. Justin’s treatment approach has helped reduce inflammation and restore balance. His consistency and dedication to his craft continues to allow me to live an active life of adventure that is strong and pain free.”



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McKinney Physical Therapy Prescott, AZ

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